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Take your practice to the next level.  One GI® empowers physicians to realize optimal outcomes with the collective resources of world class peers and unmatched executive leadership.

Pre-eminent GI MSO

One GI® is the rapidly expanding MSO where physician autonomy comes first, the home for independent Gastroenterology practice. 

Our unique approach to equity means that everyone maintains equal incentives ensuring true partnership among all physician members. 

Focusing on regional growth, we are interested in expanding our organization to include additional GI practices that are aligned with our values and vision.

If you are exploring partnerships, we welcome an opportunity to talk with you about One GI® and learn about you and your practice.

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Advantages of Joining the One GI® Network

  • Payor Contracting

    Our geographic density and multi-regional concentrations create stronger relationships with healthcare plans & hospital systems.

  • Purchasing Power

    The One GI® structure creates economies of scale which are critical to securing the best price for medical equipment and supplies, while maximizing rebates and margins.

  • Clinical Best practices

    One GI® operations professionals work collaboratively with our physician network to analyze all facets of the practice, and the physician leadership and operations team facilitate changes necessary to maintain excellent standards of care.

  • Dedicated ancillary services

    One GI® provides access to a robust suite of administrative, clinical, regulatory, and IT services.  Due to our scale, we provide a professional level of services not readily available to small or isolated groups.

  • Professional Team

    With the aligned resources of world class physicians coupled with unmatched executive leadership, One GI® is a unique MSO.

The Home for Independent Gastroenterology

One GI® is a true collaboration of the very best clinical and business minds built on a shared vision of respect and value creation.

Partner with One GI®

Creating a better environment for physicians & patients