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The Home for Independent Gastroenterology

Our network of independent gastroenterology practices are powered by the collective expertise of esteemed physicians and unmatched leadership.

Community Minded

Every patient population is unique. We empower our partners to optimize their practices around what ensures the best care for their community.

By fostering strong relationships and understanding patient needs, we cultivate a healthcare environment that is not just effective but truly empathetic and community-centered.

One GI Practices

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Better Outcomes

Our patients are the priority. Driven by a spirit of innovation and operational excellence, we continually strive to elevate the standards of care, ensuring our patients receive the most advanced and compassionate treatment available.


Better Experience

We believe that a truly remarkable patient experience is pivotal to achieving our collective objectives. This is our organizational culture and inspires us to consistently elevate our standards and reinforce our commitment to GI care for our patients.


Stronger Communities

By helping patients become happier and healthier, we strengthen the communities around us. Our commitment to providing great care makes a real difference in people’s lives and builds up the neighborhoods we serve.