About Us

One GI® was created by gastroenterologists for gastroenterologists.


Our purpose is to build the MSO for GI physicians where excellent patient care, innovation and the acumen to adapt to a constantly evolving healthcare environment are paramount.

Our Values

  • Respect

    We believe in the fundamental importance of each of our team members, patients, and communities.

  • Integrity

    We are physicians first, and our professionalism extends beyond our patients to all colleagues and associates.

  • Accountability

    Each of us is dedicated to our practice, the preservation of independent gastroenterology, and the success of One GI®.

  • Leadership

    Realizing the potential of One GI® requires each of us to deliver on our vision; we are aligned in our commitment to lead for long term success.


People come first.  Patient care and experience are the core of One GI, and we respect and support each of our One GI® team members.


While practicing state of the art medicine today, we continuously look beyond the present and strategize to deliver sustained value in the future.

The Home for Independent Gastroenterology

One GI® is a true collaboration of the very best clinical and business minds built on a shared vision of respect and value creation.

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Professional        Aligned        Visionary

Physician-centric MSO

One GI® is a unique MSO supporting renowned physicians by delivering the collective resources of world class peers and unmatched executive leadership.

Leadership Team

Our medical leadership board is committed to physician autonomy first.  One GI® is physician envisioned, physician created, and physician guided. 

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Creating a better environment for physicians & patients