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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 5, 2023 — One GI®, a management service organization (MSO) specializing in gastroenterology, is pleased to introduce Christa Newton as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With an impressive tenure of leading multi-specialty practice healthcare systems, Christa’s appointment reaffirms the organization’s commitment to top-tier patient care. Christa previously served One GI® as the Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Christa has become a trusted leader to our physician partners and embodies the values and culture central to our organization.

Christa brings a wealth of experience in propelling organizations toward heightened performance, seamless integration, and robust revenue growth. Outlining her aspirations for One GI®, she shared, “In my role as CEO, I am deeply committed to fostering clear leadership, facilitating open channels of communication, and championing a culture of collaboration. Our overarching goal is to amplify the strengths of our local physicians and practices, with a steadfast commitment to ensuring that patient care excellence remains at the forefront of all we do.”

“We remain truly excited for the continued success of One GI® now and in the future!” Michael Dragutsky, M.D.

Complimenting this leadership transition is the appointment of Michael Harper as Chief Financial Officer. Bringing over 25 years of expertise in healthcare finance and management, Michael’s leadership is anticipated to play a central role in shaping One GI®‘s financial future. Notably experienced in Mergers & Acquisitions, Michael’s vision for the financial realm combines innovation with steadfast principles of transparency and collaboration. As he undertakes this pivotal role, his dedication ensures One GI®‘s financial endeavors remain in alignment with the organization’s core mission and values.

As One GI® embarks on this new chapter in leadership, the organization remains committed to fortifying its unique, physician-centric MSO model.  Michael Dragutsky, M.D. and Chairman of the Board said, “We remain truly excited for the continued success of One GI® now and in the future!”

About One GI®

One GI® is a gastroenterology management services organization that partners with GI physicians to help them manage, optimize, and grow their practices. One GI® provides critical business services to physicians so they can focus on what they do best: providing excellent care to patients. For additional information on One GI®, please visit

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