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October 13, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Iterative Scopes, a pioneer in precision-medicine technologies for gastroenterology, announced today that it has partnered with One GI®, a gastroenterology management services organization (MSO), to bring its AI Recruitment (AIR) technology to One GI’s clinical research. Initially, One GI® will use AIR at Gastro One, one of One GI’s clinical research sites in Memphis, Tennessee, with plans to expand to additional research sites within the One GI® network. The implementation of AIR will aid in the recruitment of patients for clinical trials focused on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Both One GI® and Iterative Scopes are fast-growing innovators in the gastroenterology space. One GI® is a unique, rapidly expanding MSO that brings together community-based practices, including Gastro One, a network of six practices across Tennessee. The MSO currently has 40 sites within its network across Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Iterative Scopes is a pioneer in the application of powerful, proprietary artificial intelligence tools to the practice of gastroenterology and drug development.

The partnership between the two organizations will allow One GI® physicians to leverage the AI-based technology from Iterative Scopes to standardize the endoscopic scoring process for patients and identify likely eligible patients to enroll in IBD clinical trials. By initiating the collaboration at Gastro One, the organizations are taking initial steps to develop a hub and spoke recruitment model for One GI®, which will democratize access to the novel IBD therapeutics for all patients, regardless of where they receive care.

“Our partnership with Iterative Scopes enables the delivery of innovative technology to community-based gastroenterology practices, demonstrating One GI’s commitment to physician-centered, patient-focused healthcare,” said Robbie Allen, CEO of One GI®. “Our ultimate mission is to power practices – regardless of their location – to deliver world class GI care, and implementing AIR will allow a broader array of patients to access potentially life-changing clinical trials.”

“In addition to helping us offer the most advanced patient care, this partnership fuels the continuous growth of our research department so that we remain at the forefront of GI care, improving outcomes and patients’ lives,” said Richard Aycock, MD, Gastro One senior physician. “Dr. Ziad Younes, a global leader in gastroenterology, is pioneering the program within our practices, and we’re enthusiastic about the potential to help advance the GI field even further.”

AIR works to simplify the process of matching patients to clinical trials by helping gastroenterologists better understand disease severity more quickly and consistently. The technology uses computational algorithms integrated with existing colonoscopy imagery and videos to determine clinical trial eligibility, speeding up the clinical trial timelines and allowing more patients to access potentially life-changing treatments. The company’s technology automates scoring of a patient’s minimum threshold score of disease severity, as measured by the Mayo Endoscopic Score (MES), as an aid in determining their qualification for pre-screening for IBD clinical trials. Iterative Scopes has already partnered with multiple clinical research sites for IBD and is continuing to expand its reach with notable partners like One GI®.

“Iterative Scopes’ mission is to democratize access to high quality care for patients struggling with IBD and other GI conditions, ultimately reducing healthcare disparities in clinical practice,” said Sahir Raoof, VP of Business Development at Iterative Scopes. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Dr. Younes and One GI® to drive clinical adoption of artificial intelligence to help us advance clinical trial recruitment in an effort to help bring novel therapeutics to IBD patients faster.”

To learn more about Iterative Scopes and AI-Recruitment, visit the company’s website:

About Iterative Scopes
Iterative Scopes is a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence-based precision medicine for gastroenterology with the aim of helping to optimize clinical trials investigating treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The technology is also designed to potentially enhance colorectal cancer screenings. Its powerful, proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies have the potential to improve the accuracy and consistency of endoscopy readings. Iterative Scopes is initially applying these advances to impact polyp detection for colorectal cancer screenings and working to standardize disease severity characterization for inflammatory bowel disease. Longer term, the company plans to establish more meaningful endpoints for GI diseases, which may be better predictors of therapeutic response and disease outcomes. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

About One GI®

One GI® is a gastroenterology management services organization that partners with GI physicians to help them manage, optimize, and grow their practices. One GI® provides critical business services to physicians so they can focus on what they do best: providing excellent care to patients. For additional information on One GI®, please visit

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